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Servicing Philadelphia, PA and Surrounding Counties
Welcome to Dunncorp Real Estate Solutions' Engineering and Design page, where innovation meets functionality. Discover our cutting-edge solutions, expert engineering services, and meticulous design approach, tailored to optimize your real estate projects for success. Explore the possibilities today!

Residential Design

Immerse yourself in our exceptional craftsmanship, personalized solutions, and meticulous attention to detail. Let us transform your house into a home that reflects your unique style and enhances your everyday living. We offer the following:
Design Build
Floor Plans
Architectural Section/Elevation drawing of new spaces
Design drawings, per IRC and IBC
Construction drawings

Utility Design

Explore our expertise in utility infrastructure, sustainable solutions, and efficient design strategies. Trust us to optimize your utility systems for maximum functionality, reliability, and long-term cost savings. Unleash the power of utility design today.
Design Plans for EV Stations (Residential & Commercial)
Design Plans for Solar Panel Installations (Residential)
Electric Utility design packages
  • Aerial Installations
  • UG Transmission
  • Conversions
  • Customer electric service connection
  • URD

Permitting Support & Project Coordination

Streamline your projects with our comprehensive permitting assistance and expert project coordination services. From navigating regulations to ensuring seamless execution, trust us to handle the complexities and deliver successful outcomes. Experience hassle-free project management with us.
Creating Engineering and Design Drawings for Permit
Help coordinate submissions and deliverable to governing authority to facilitate permits being approved
Floor Plan Detail (Demo/Install)
Project Coordination (including as-build updates)
Plot Plans
Code Compliance
Coordination with township
Sub-surface investintion support when digging (coordination with city/township to ensure safe digging)

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